Cell Towers on Kanan Road

Several Cell Carriers are Requesting Cell Towers on Kanan Road

Several cell carriers have asked to place their cell towers along Kanan Road near Confer Street. They claim that they need the towers to provide 4G service.

These cell towers would be tall and ugly.

Imagine a cell tower like this on Kanan

The first cell carrier to make this request was Verizon. They requested a 50 foot high tower near Smoketree. The MAC recommended that cell tower be located with two other new towers on the existing Confer Tank Site.

I wrote a letter to Rancho Simi Park and Recreation requesting that they allow Verizon to locate their antenia at the Confer Tank Site. This is an excellent location because:

First, the Home Owner Assocation has already agreed to these towers.

Second, the existing tank is going to be demolished. The antenia will look like trees and will be less noticable than the existing tank.

Third, the elevation of the site allows the antenia to be shorter (35 feet instead of 50 feet).

Fourth, they will be away from residents home and off the biggest and busiest street in Oak Park.

I will do everything I can to prevent new cell tower installations along Kanan Road.

Example of Cell Tower that looks like a tree