Cell Towers at Kilburn Ct

New Process for Reviewing Cell Tower Requests

Several cell carriers have asked to increase the number or the height of their cell towers at this location. The first carrier to do so was T-Mobile. T-Mobile did not provide the MAC with details of the tower. The MAC voted to allow the height of the tower to be increased provided it was not more than 10 feet higher than the existing towers. T-Mobile then put in a tower with a very noticable and ugly antenia array.

Since then the MAC has made several improvements to the process of getting approval for new cell towers.

First, the carrier needs to provide photo simulations of the new tower so the impact to aesthetics can be assessed.

Second, the carrier needs to give a justification for the new cell tower array.

Third, the carrier must meet with the local residents to get their input and listen to their concerns.

Fourth, the County of Ventura has adapted regulations to control the installation of cell towers. The MAC provided comments to the Master Plan to insure that the MAC can provide input into the planned tower installation early in the process.

Fifth, the MAC is requiring proper notification of the residents for cell tower construction.

Several new applications have been submitted and small changes have been made but I haven't voted to approve any new Antennas at Kilburn.

As a MAC member I am trying to balance the need for cell phone coverage with the Aesthetics and Construction Disruption and Notification to the residents.

Aesthetics Issues

The phone towers have a negative impact on the aesthetics of the neighborhood and could have a negative impact on their property values. These towers are now proposed to be 50 feet high or higher and they are very unsightly. There should be a limit to the height and size of these towers so that our property values are not negatively impacted. The phone carriers are also looking to camouflage the towers as trees but these towers don't look much better in my view.

Construction Issues

The construction of these towers is very disruptive to the neighborhood. Each cell phone provider often spends months constructing the tower and often trenches the street several times. Those living near the tower have to deal with construction vehicles and noise during the entire construction period. I ask the providers to work with residents to minimize this disruption.

Notification Issues

The residents did not have a chance to comment on the environmental documentation because the notification requirement is only 300 feet. This means only one resident was notified. The carriers now must meet with the home owner association.

The construction is often not coordinated or even discussed with the Residents.