Oak Canyon ReservoirOak Canyon Reservoir


The Oak Canyon Reservoir was built to replace the existing Conifer Tank. The Conifer Tank needed to be replaced for several reasons:

-It was built on a land slide. This fact makes the tank vulnerable to earthquakes and saturated soils.

-The tank itself did not meet current seismic standards.

-The tank was at the end of its useful life. The interior coating was failing and needed to be replaced.

-The tank did not provide adequate storage for our community.

Storage Capacity Increase: 1.1 Million Gallons

-The Conifer Tank had a storage capacity of 1 Million Gallons.

-The new Oak Canyon Reservoir has a storage capacity of 2.1 Million Gallons.

-That will provide an extra 3 days of storage for Oak Park residents. The storage can be used after an earthquake or to fight fires.

Construction Phases

The tank construction is not the only thing that had to be done. Here are other elements that have to be completed: