Director Pledge


Swearing in Ceremony

I will listen to the community, seek advice of experts, and listen to the staff so that every decision I take part in will help the Triunfo Sanitation District to be a better provider of services to our community. I are my priorities:

Cost Containment

I will keep rates as low as possible and to make certain every dollar is spent appropriately. I will use my engineering expertise to keep operating budgets as low as possible and to insure every dollar is used effectively. In these difficult economic times there is no money to waste. I will do my best to insure the money is spent properly.

Customer Service

I will listen to the community and represent it and its needs. I pledge to listen to customers and meet their needs. I will also keep Triunfo a financially viable entity that provides excellent service to the community. I will make sure that Triunfo is customer friendly.

Use of Expertise

I am an engineering manager for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (the largest water district in Southern California). My position has given me a good understanding of the water issues facing California. My understanding of the water issues combined with my engineering background will enable me to evaluate projects, scrutinize project budgets, and insure that the Triunfo Sanitation District is operating as effectively as possible.


My next priority is to insure every available drop of water is used effectively. Water is a very valuable resource that can’t be wasted. I will work to conserve water and recycle as much water as possible.


I am committed to a well maintained system that provides for the needs of our community. It is important that the facilities are maintained and run efficiently. Projects like the Conifer Tank Replacement and installation of a third digester at Tapia are important to insure that our water system and sanitation system works properly.