I am a licensed Civil and Structural Engineer in the State of California. I work for the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California (MWD). I have worked at MWD for 20 years. I have 30 years of structural engineering experience.

At MWD, I am the Engineering Manager of the Pipeline Team. There are 11 staff members on my team. My main responsibilities are:

-I am the engineering manager responsible for all of the structural engineers and designers responsible for the design of pipelines and other distribution system structures.

-I am the engineering manager responsible for supervising and directing the civil engineers who design new pipelines, service connections or repair existing pipelines.

-I am responsible for the overall design of all new pipelines or pipeline relocations, pipeline rehabilation, service connections and distribution structures.

-My team works is responsible for projects such as:

-My expertise is in the design and construction of large diameter pipelines (4 feet to 12 feet in diameter). I have also designed steel and concrete structures.  

Here are a few pictures of projects I have worked on.